Sell my car

You can sell your car simply by following these steps.

First step: Find out how much your car is worth

Get an instant valuation online for free

Visit MOTORS for a fast – and free – valuation tool that will help you discover how much your car is worth. Enter your details to receive a valuation that will enable you to list your car at a competitive price.

Second step: Decide where to sell your car

Sell your car on Gumtree for free

We’ve teamed up with one of the largest private motors markets in the UK*, Gumtree. Not only is this a simple way to sell your car, there are plenty of other benefits too!

*Gumtree has 48k active private used car listings as of September 2021 making Gumtree one of the UK’s largest private motors marketplaces (source: autobiz, September 2021).

Dealer part exchange

If you’ve spotted a car for sale that you’re interested in via one of our dealers, you could always part exchange your vehicle, using its value against the vehicle you’re looking to purchase. We list cars from dealerships nationwide so part exchange could be the right option for you.

Not sure what part exchange means? Don’t worry, we have guides to help.

Guide to selling your car

If you’re still not completely sure about the best way to sell your car, don’t worry; there are plenty of helpful resources to help aid you in the decision-making process. Currently, Cazoo has a temporary holding site while we work on the car search experience that will drive the new Cazoo. 

You can head to our sister site, MOTORS, for expert advice that will help you understand everything from the documents you need to preparing your vehicle for sale